Jan 19, 2009


Salam alayk.
All readers.

Ihope that everyone will be in pink of health...InsyaAllah.
I don't have much story to share. But yesterday alhamdulillah, we JPK
Do had completed our second program for this semester. The first one was Team
Building "JPK DO Power!!". We held Malam Mesra JPK or MMJ last night in Pro Hall.
All the part one student had put their commitment to join the program. Thanks to all AJK Pelaksana. InsyaAllah we try to improve more in the next program..coming soon is LADIDO 2009 or Lawatan Akademik & Industri Kolej Dato' Onn. This kind of an academic and industrial visit will be conducted on this 23rd of January. The selected destination are Johor and Melaka.

Actually i feel very excited today because Part 6 students of DBS will begin the trip today to Shah Alam and I will one of them. InsyaAllah. Doakan agar trip kami berjaya mencapai objektifnya. Nama trip diberi " Trip to Reveal the Secret of Business Development".


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