Nov 13, 2008

Beberapa hari lagi..

Salam alayk.

Subhanallah. Fuhh..tinggal few more days the final exam will be ended..insya Allah paper OM, LAW & FIN akan ku the same time..aku merasa sedikit lega coz report jpk do dah submit dan verified dgn jayanya oleh pegawai hep. skarang tinggal nk submit proposal utk xtvt sem hadapan..i will have one more meeting insyaAllah (hopefully) for this semester. I'm really thankful tat i always have place to share my problems and experience. alhamdulillah. this coming sem break will be compeltely 1 month for myself. i have to spend it wisely...maybe working..humm..keep thinking n planning..untill i find the best decision..


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